Choosing A Mantra


"How do I choose a Mantra?"

I had this question posted on the I AM Mantra Facebook page that I felt was very relevant and I wanted to share it here with my response...

"I would like to feel the benefits of mantra meditation but how do you choose a mantra to use?"

This is a great question. There are many mantras used. The idea of repeating a Mantra I see as two-fold. It helps to give your mind something to focus on to assist with quieting your thoughts, allowing you to bathe in the deep wellspring of inner Presence.. and a Mantra holds a certain frequency or Divine vibration, that upon repetition can assist this frequency to resonate with your body and being (very healing on all levels).

There are many mantras to choose from, some of the more widely used are ‘OM’ and also ‘OM Namah Shivaya’. (I would encourage you to look up the definitions of these, they are both very beautiful). These two are ancient, more classic mantras. Then you have more modern mantras like ‘I AM’. (Which is also very ancient in its own right but is widely used now in the more popular culture).

Another Mantra that I find very powerful is not a word, but my breath. Focusing simply on my inhale and exhale, quieting my mind and allowing myself to become fully present to this moment (without thoughts, comments, judgments, simply being…) through my inhale and exhale.

I received my first mantras through a meditation teacher, which has been the more traditional way to receive a mantra. However now, the use of mantra is very common in our culture and more readily available to us ‘westerners’ . I believe that the right Mantra finds you at the right time and it is in the asking for a Mantra (that will serve you, your highest good and awakening) that you will be guided to one that is perfect for you.

If you are new to meditation and using Mantra then taking a meditation class, (either in-person or online) can be really beneficial to help you get used to the practice and to talk with your teacher about your experiences. It's also wonderful to meditate with a group of people, this can really help you dive deeper into your practice, which can then help when doing it on your own.

I offer ‘I AM Mantra’ as a source of simple daily mantras that can be used in Meditation or taken with you into your daily activities as a source of inspiration, contemplation and to assist in creating a sacred resonance within yourself. As we approach ourselves and our lives with sacredness, both we and the world around us transform.

There are many ways to use Mantra to assist us in our daily lives. I encourage you to offer a heartfelt and prayerful intention that you are now guided by the mantra and meditation practice that can be of greatest assistance to you at this time.

I hope what I have shared has been assistive. Many blessings to you and your path.


Nikita Gearing