What is a Mantra?

Mantra is traditionally a sacred word, sound or phrase that is an invocation of the Divine Presence; the Consciousness that resides within each of us and within all of life.

A Mantra is often repeated while in a meditative or contemplative state to assist a deepening of Divine Consciousness and connection to Mother, Father God. It is also used to assist in attaining deeper, clearer states of meditation and pranayama (breath work) practices. Mantra is a doorway into deeper states of Consciousness.

A Mantra can be used as a source of focus or contemplation to allow the gifts behind the word/phrase/sound, the resonance and Divine truth that the Mantra represent to be invoked and then allow these energies and wisdom to bathe the mind, the Spiritual Self and the physical body & being.

A Mantra is also used in meditation & pranayama (breath work) practices to assist the quietening of the mind, quietening the mental chatter and thoughts. The mantra gives the mind something to focus upon that has a sacred, conscious resonance & purpose rather than the mind running unconsciously with random and scattered thoughts.

A Mantra not only offers the mind something to focus upon, but it also offers the mind, body & being a resonance, a vibratory field of Divine Truth, that is present within the Mantra. Repeating the Mantra silently or out loud from a conscious, connected and intentional space can assist in access these Truths and the resonating energy that is held within the Mantra.

Mantra can be used as a form of intentional prayer, however the focus for the prayer is based around attributes and wisdom that you would like to open to, develop and deepen within yourself or offer into the world. To truly offer wisdom into the world we must first claim and open to this wisdom within. Mantra assists you to open this inner doorway.

Working consciously with Mantra’s can assist spiritual growth and deepening, your path of Awakening, personal empowerment, mental & emotional clarity, and physical health & well being.

Nikita Gearing