I AM Mantra in your Inbox Starting Feb. 1st!


Starting on February 1st, you will be able to receive I AM Mantra in your Inbox!

We are currently working on preparing this new Daily Email Service. Our plan is to launch the daily I AM Mantra emails on February 1st, 2018.

This will be a free offering with the intention to be of support to all those who can benefit.

For now, I invite you to join I AM Mantra on InstagramFacebook & Twitter and turn on your notifications for your chosen platform so you can be informed daily when a mantra is posted.

I AM Mantra on Instagram (@iam.mantra)
I AM Mantra on Facebook (@IAMMantraOfficial)
I AM Mantra on Twitter (@iammantra)

2018 celebrates 9 years of I AM Mantra and I am inspired to be expanding the I AM Mantra offerings beginning with these new daily emails.

May these mantras be of benefit to you and to all who engage them.

Big Love & Gratitude,
Nikita Gearing
Author and creator of I AM Mantra

Nikita Gearing