I would love your feedback! 💫

Recently we asked the I AM Mantra Community to “Choose Your Favorite Mantra”.

We worked out the 4 most popular mantras on our social media from June and asked our email and social media community to vote on the one that most resonated with them.


We received so many beautiful and moving comments on how I AM Mantra is benefiting people and we had over 500 people play along...

Check out all the comments and votes on social media here:

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On Instagram

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We have counted all the votes and have a winner!! We’ll be announcing this very soon along with some other magic we have brewing for our I AM Mantra community.

For now.. a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated.

May the mantras continue to be of benefit to you.

Stay tuned… more is on the way.

Big Love,
Nikita 💕

Nikita Gearing