Q&A: How to listen for Intuitive Guidance

Q & A in relation to the mantra:

“I quiet my Mind, connect with my Breath and listen to my Intuition. I AM being Guided.”

I was recently asked on our I AM Mantra Instagram “while connecting I only get white noise, how does one follow guidance”. I thought this was a great question so I wanted to reply more thoroughly here with the intention others may also benefit from this.

In my experience, learning to listen to inner guidance is a process of refining how to be still and quiet in my mind, body and emotions, so that I can hear the voice of my intuition that is connected to my Unlimited Self.

The below recommendations are based on my personal practice...

Start by quieting your mind, and tuning into your breath and making space for stillness.

Allowing the stillness, being present in this a few moments. Relax into this stillness and presence, become comfortable here. As you relax into this moment observe any intuitive thoughts, feelings, and images that arise.

You may find nothing is present when you do this, and so what I find beneficial if this occurs, especially if I am desiring guidance on a particular topic, is when I access this space of stillness and presence, I then ask for guidance via an intentional I AM statement, or a question.

Ask for Guidance.

Create stillness and then proclaiming the statement:

I AM now guided to…


I AM now shown the way to…

Fine tune your statement to work for you. Sometimes I also find I need to ask in the form of a question, for example: ”I AM asking for guidance on … “

I always frame these inquiries in the positive, focusing on the positive outcome I want to create (this is important), rather than what I don’t want to create, or statements based on fear or reaction.

Focus on your desired outcome that you want to create.

For example:

I AM now guided to radiant wellness and well-being in my physical body.”

“I AM now guided to my healing pathways an health solutions”

“I AM now guided to the ways to generate ….. of income by ….. in ways that are joyous and alignment with my Soul Purpose.”

Then, be still for a few minutes and let this prayer, this intention sit in this stillness of your presence.

Breathe a few more times consciously, breathing in and breathing out. Relaxing, listening, simply being present.

Notice if there are any intuitive thoughts, feelings or images that come up in this moment. It could be an emotion, a positive emotion or a negative emotion.

Remember that “negative” emotions are simply stepping stones that are coming up to be cleared so that you can manifest your chosen outcome.

A side note on allowing and clearing emotions (here is a very simple version of a much deeper practice)...

In my experience, the way to clear these emotions is to witness them first without judgement. Use your breath to help you allow these feelings, breathe into the feeling, allow it, acknowledge it and then on the out breath imagine this emotion unwinding, letting go, being released and dissolving.

Breathing into the emotion, allowing it.

Breathing out, letting it go.

Then breathe normally and focus on the new desired reality you want to create.

In this moment, you are helping to rewire your neural pathways to a new reality, now that you have released the ‘“negative” emotion, which is often fear based.

Focus now on what you want to create, based on love, peace, joy and thriving.

And then say your positive “I AM” statement again from this clearer space.

Back to being in stillness, and asking for guidance.

You may have an immediate response, or you may just have stillness (or “white noise” as the person on IG experienced). This is often the case for me too.

What I do next is say “THANK YOU!”, trusting and knowing that my prayer and intention, my request for guidance has been heard and is now in the process of coming to me.

Give gratitude that the answer is already on the way.

Then, I get up and move about my day trusting I will receive guidance in the ways I can hear it and in perfect timing.

I also make the agreement with myself, that I am actively listening for this guidance and listening to my intuition.

This guidance may come as a thought, feeling, image, emotion, it may come from someone else, through a song, through an animal. It will come in its perfect timing, through the perfect medium, we just have to be receptive and listening.

And.. when it does come I give GRATITUDE that my request has been heard and the answers and solutions are now here.

It is amazing how our Unlimited Soul that is connected to the Unlimited Universe can speak to us.

I hope this is beneficial.

Bless you and the development of your intuitive abilities to support your highest health and well-being.

Big Love,
Nikita 💕

P.S. ~ I’d love to hear your experience of working with this practice and if you have any additional questions.