Support I AM Mantra
and it’s Mission

I AM Mantra is now receiving donations to support its’ Mission.

I AM Mantra currently offers daily mantra’s through email and social media to over 300,000 people all around the World.

Since 2009, I AM Mantra has been run on a volunteer basis by a team of two. I AM Mantra creator, author and founder Nikita Gearing, and chief technology support, Cornflower.

We are inspired to expand the I AM Mantra offerings, including the creation of Audio Meditations (for all ages), free downloadable Meditation Guides and so much more goodness that can be of great benefit to many. 

Donate and support
I AM Mantra and
it’s Mission

Are you inspired to be part of the I AM Mantra Support Team?
Contact us and let us know how you’d like to assist our mission and be involved.