welcome to I AM Daily

I AM Daily provides daily mantras supporting you, and your Awakening. It is designed to be a source of inspiration and insight for Conscious Living!

The email goes out daily at 6am PST, 9am EST and delivers “Today's Mantra” into your inbox each morning to assist you to set the tone and focus for your day. 

This is a free offering with the intention to support all those who can benefit.

I have dreamed of being able to offer this service since I AM Mantra began in 2009. Nine years later it is with great joy that we begin offering the daily mantras via the new “I AM Daily” email.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, followed, commented, offered words of encouragement and engaged I AM Mantra over these last 9 years.

I am deeply grateful to be offering I AM Daily!

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Enjoy the daily mantra's on your favorite social media platform. Remember to turn on your notifications for your chosen platform so you can be informed daily when a mantra is posted.

May these mantras be of benefit to you and to all who engage them.

Big Love & Gratitude,
Nikita Gearing
Author and creator of I AM Mantra