I AM Mantra’s mission is to support personal transformation and awakening, assisting individuals to tap into their true Divine Nature. Through this Awakened Awareness uncovering their Soul Purpose and becoming agents of Love, Presence and Positive Change within their lives, and the greater Human Collective.

Personal transformation is the center point of global transformation. Through Personal Awakened Awareness we are able to more effectively respond to, and create solutions for, the opportunities we face both individually and collectively as a global culture.

We are inspired to expand the I AM Mantra offerings, including the creation of Audio Meditations (for all ages), free downloadable Meditation Guides, and so much more goodness that can be of great benefit to many.


Support Our Mission

Everyone has a role to play in the Great Awakening that is underway.

Everyone’s Light is needed.

I AM Mantra’s mission
is to help fuel and flame this Light.