The title ‘I AM Mantra’ has a few meanings.

Firstly "I AM" is a powerful statement and in itself is a Mantra. It is a creation & manifestation statement, as well as a statement that resonates with the frequency of Divine Wholeness. 

"I AM" calls forth the Creator Self, the creator energy that lives within each of us and is part of the manifestation cycle and the Law of Attraction.

“Mantra” is traditionally a sacred word, sound or phrase that invokes the Divine Presence; the Consciousness that resides within each of us and within all of life.

“I AM Mantra" represents that when we each choose to live our lives from place of Consciousness, Divine Presence, Conscious Connection and Peace we become a Living Mantra into our world. We become a living, breathing prayer that then offers this frequency, this consciousness, into our world.

As we each awaken and embrace the Divine truth within and live this within our lives, then this energy naturally flows from our body and being into the world and this energy and Consciousness becomes a resonating "Mantra" for humanity.

Through our own awakening and embodiment of Consciousness, through the vibration and energy we are living, we become a sacred sound, a frequency, a prayer, and our energy flows into the collective consciousness and offers this resonance for others to tune into, to Awaken to and to evolve within themselves.

As we live a Conscious Life, we become living, breathing Mantra’s into our world.

And Thus the title… I AM MANTRA…

I am Consciousness, I am a sacred sound, I am Divine Presence
and I offer this Consciousness into my world