How do I use the Daily Mantra’s? I AM Mantra is designed to offer you daily mantras & wisdom for you to reflect upon, to contemplate, to meditate upon and also to take with you into your day to assist you in living a more Conscious, Peaceful and Empowered Life. The Mantras offered here are intentional words & phrases that offer wisdom for you to contemplate and a sacred resonance for you to embrace within yourself.

Say the Mantra, Sing the Mantra, say it once, repeat it multiple times, write it on a piece of paper and hang it up so you can be reminded; meditate with it; pray with it; share it with your family; do art work about it; use it in whatever way that feels inspiring to you to embrace the truth held within ‘Today’s Mantra’.


You can repeat these in the morning before you begin your day, during your day and then also at night before you lay your body down to sleep. Use these Mantras in anyway that you feel inspired and that servers your highest good & Awakening!

It is suggested that you create a moment of personal time to center yourself and be Present to the moment when repeating the Mantra. The more Consciousness & Presence you bring to the saying or repeating of Mantra the more you will receive from this practice.